27 Easy Work-From-Home Jobs That Anyone Can Do

Work From Home

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Home-based jobs are quickly becoming a popular option to make a living.

Thanks to the internet, there are more ways for everyone to express freedom and creativity. Instead of a 9-to-5 job, doing freelance services or taking a remote position you can do at home gives you the space to make a schedule that works for you.

This is especially helpful to:

  • a working parent with little kids
  • an employee who recently got laid off
  • someone who wants to add an additional source of income
  • …and anyone who simply wants to live life on their own terms

So, do you know exactly how to work from home? What do you need in order to start properly and how do you actually make money without having to go to the office? Not many realize how easy it really is to get started making money from home, and we at IncomeNinjas.com intend to change that!

Take a look at the table of contents below to get an idea of ​​the things you can read about here.

To begin, you’ll need to:
learn work from home
1. Learn about various legitimate work-from-home jobs
Work from home
2. Choose which home-based job best suits you
Work from home
3. Decide where you will work and get set up, making sure you have everything you need
Work from home
4. Make sure you know all about the advantages and disadvantages that come with working remotely, so you can make sure this is something you really want!
Work from home
5. Get to work!

Here, you can read a detailed guide about how to get started and the best methods to do so. You’ll know what to do to get started, what tools can help you succeed, the pros and cons, and more!


All methods are guided by scoring metrics so you can determine if it’s the right one for you.

We ranked them with these:

Total Time

This is based on two things: Startup and Payment

The ‘Startup’ scoring metric lets you know how long it will take you to make the necessary preparations before you get started. ‘Payment’, on the other hand, gives you an idea of the time it takes before you can start making money.



This shows the possible barriers to entry or to success so you’ll know what problems to expect and prepare solutions ahead of time.


Potential Earnings​

This gives you a general idea of the amount that people earn so you can know what to expect or use it for comparison once you start making money.


1. Become a Freelancer

Work From Home through Freelance

Did you know that you can take the skills you already have or skills that are very easy to learn, and use them to make money from home the same day? It’s true!

When companies need “one-time” jobs done, they hire contractors or freelancers to do them. They may need article writing, copywriting, web design, or even more specialized services requiring degrees like law, engineering, and so on. There’s no limit to what you can do as a freelancer!

Some of the easiest skills to freelance with are:

  • Article writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web design
  • Programming and software development
  • Copywriting


  • You have full control over your time
  • Minimized travel expenses
  • You can freely express your creativity in projects


  • No employer-employee benefits like paid leaves and holidays
  • Your clients’ payments might be inconsistent
  • Freelancing can get pretty lonely since you’re often by yourself

Startup: Fast

  • It takes a few minutes to make your profile displaying your freelance services on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Payment: Fast

  • Contract agreements can demand that your client pay you the full amount upfront, give a downpayment before starting a project, or pay after the project is finished.

It’s easy if you already have valuable skills, a ready portfolio to show potential clients, and know how to freelance successfully.

This depends on the kind of freelance service you offer and the amount you charge for it.

How to get started:

2. Answer Paid Surveys

Did you know that you can earn money from home just by giving your opinion? Companies are always looking to improve or invent products, and they need research from potential consumers to find out what to do. This is why paid surveys were invented.

Work from home through paid survey

Usually, a company will pay you to fill out a questionnaire. Now, while this isn’t the most lucrative way to make money from home, it can still add up to a few extra hundred dollars a month!

Getting started with paid surveys is really easy: All you do is sign up for a few portals, let survey requests come to your email, and start answering them.

If you want to get started with some Paid Survey portals right now, feel free to check them out right here:

one opinion logo

Earn up to $5 per survey!

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  • It’s very simple and doesn’t cost anything to sign up to paid survey sites
  • If you’re answering for a favourite product or service, you might either get paid in cash or gift vouchers
  • You can answer paid surveys anywhere, anytime


  • It takes a while to earn a high amount of money
  • Some questionnaires may be repetitive and boring

Startup: Fast

  • Registering in a paid survey site usually takes a few minutes.

Payment: Slow

  • Usually, sites have a minimum amount you can withdraw. Sometimes this can take months of answering paid surveys before you can get your cash.

If you’re part of their target market, it should be easy for you to get chosen to answer paid surveys.

You can spend hours and months answering one paid survey after another but if you don’t know how to take them efficiently, then it will be a long time until you can earn at least $500.

How to get started:

3. Start Blogging

Work from home through blogging

This method is truly independent and requires quite a bit of patience, but it can be the most rewarding. Blogging is extremely popular for several reasons: First of all, it is a lot of fun to blog, and you can gain exposure for yourself, your resume, or other things while making money on it as well.

Secondly, it is extremely independent work, and you can do whatever you want with your blog without being accountable to any employer or boss.

You can earn good money by blogging, but it also requires quite a bit of knowledge within different areas and a great deal of time: You have to figure out how to make a website, write some good content for the site, and then find advertising for it as well (this is how you make the money). To advertise on your site, you can make use of affiliate marketing.

If you’re interested in immediately getting started with affiliate marketing, check out Viglink and Adpump to sign up for affiliate deals and monetize your website/blog.

Unlike the first two methods which can yield results very quickly, blogging takes much longer. We suggest that you do it alongside another method and just enjoy the process!

Once you start to make money from blogging though, the income is quite passive. This means that you just see it roll into your bank account after the hard work you put in up front!

You can start your blogging career with any of these platforms:


  • It’s easy to build blogs thanks to websites like the ones we’ve mentioned above
  • You can share anything you want and connect with people who share the same interests as you
  • Your blog, if well-written and has lots of engagements, can be your writing portfolio
  • Once your blog is successful, companies may start reaching out to you to feature their products or services for a fee


  • Because anyone can easily make a blog, it can be hard to stand out
  • It may take a really long time before your blog starts getting noticed

Startup: Medium

  • Starting a blog can take a few minutes, but it takes time to produce quality content that attracts a loyal audience. Aside from creating content, you also have to find ways to market your blog.

Payment: Slow

  • Bloggers usually earn from affiliate marketing, where they post links or ads and entice their audience to click on it. Affiliates may pay the blogger per clicked post, per customer purchase, or after a set amount of time.

Blogging is more than just writing about your thoughts on something. Your content has to be strategic and interesting enough to attract a loyal readership and sponsorships.

It takes time to build a blog that is worthy of being monetized. But once you’ve gotten the hang of producing content that attracts readers, it’s easy to get the cash flowing. Best of all, most of that could come passively!

How to get started:

4. Trade With Cryptocurrencies

“Trading cryptocurrencies” may sound like a foreign phrase, but it’s really all about buying and selling different types of digital currencies or coins.

The most popular type of cryptocurrency called Bitcoin started off being valued at less than a dollar. Now, it’s worth $6,840! And the price continues to change. Imagine buying Bitcoin at less than one dollar and selling it for more than 10x its price!

That is just one success story. There are plenty of other coins you can trade with, having infinite possibilities of making a profit.

As a beginner, you don’t have to worry about understanding everything. There are cryptocurrency guides made easy and types of trading software you can use to your advantage.

Crypto trading happens in any of these exchange platforms:

If you wanna start trading cryptocurrencies, we recommend using a trading software. They help you manage your trades, instead of being alone to blindly make trades and run the risk of losing a lot of money.

Here are the best ones that helped us in making successful trades:


  • The crypto market is open 24 hours for all days of the week, letting you trade anytime
  • The nature of cryptocurrencies makes its users anonymous whose transactions are difficult to manipulate (see if this applies to where you live)


  • Exchange platforms charge fees for withdrawals
  • There is no way to retrieve your money if you lose your cryptocurrency wallet

Startup: Fast

  • To get started, you need to open an account in a trading exchange platform (like Binance) and open a cryptocurrency wallet. These can be done in less than a day.

Payment: Fast

  • Transactions and payments can be completed within one day.

You need to invest your time to educate yourself. To lighten your load, you can make use of a trading software and this crash course on cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile. While others would interpret this as negative, some traders see a lot of opportunities to quickly make a profit. This volatility makes it possible for a trader to earn $40 within an hour, depending on the traded coin and whether it was done at the right time, to name a few factors.

How to get started:

5. Build a Social Media Following on Instagram

Work from home through Instagram

Instagram is one of the hottest social media apps now. With over 500 million daily active users, there are lots of opportunities to get noticed, build an audience, and start earning from that.

Here are some money-making ideas you can do on Instagram:

  • Choose to be known for a certain niche (fitness, travel, etc.) and post quality content (best way to attract followers AND get potential sponsors!)
  • Become an affiliate marketer and get your followers to click or purchase on the ads you post
  • Sell items via Instagram
    • To save you the hassle of keeping inventory of your stock, you can make use of dropshipping services from Spocket. This means that you order from your supplier and have them ship the items directly to your customers.
  • Use Instagram to promote your other businesses or personal channels


  • You can post about anything (like your lifestyle, even as non-celebrity). As long as you present it in an aesthetically appealing way, you are bound to get followers
  • If you aspire to be famous, Instagram can be a really good channel to get noticed by talent scouts. For example, the international modelling agency IMG Models uses Instagram to search for new models
  • Instagram Ads can help increase brand awareness and target it to the intended audience


  • Nowadays, you have lots of competition with the same niche, so you have to identify what’s unique about you and make sure your audience sees that
  • You have to post good content regularly or you will lose followers

Startup: Medium

  • Creating an Instagram account takes a few minutes. But, gathering a loyal following can take more than a few months if you don’t have a solid plan.

Payment: Slow

  • Most of your earnings come from sponsorships, affiliate ads, or selling something on Instagram. The money will come easily if you have a big amount of followers who engage with your posts.

Getting followers to engage with your content and convert them into customers takes some time and the right strategies.

The more followers you have, the more likely you’ll be paid by your sponsors and affiliate partners. This is especially true if they tend to click and purchase anything you post.

How to get started:

6. Make Youtube Videos

Work from Home through Making YouTube Videos

Everywhere you look, it seems like there’s another young person who’s become a millionaire off of YouTube. Some of them start by just making videos they love for free. But eventually, they make money through crowdfunding, selling their own products, sponsorship deals, and more.

It’s actually pretty crazy how fast you can become a YouTube celebrity and earn money. You can also use Google’s AdSense network to make a passive income whenever people click on ads that play or show near your videos too.

Making YouTube videos and earning from them is a dream job for many, especially those who love creating videos.

Once you’ve got at least a thousand subscribers, here are the best ways for you to monetize your videos:

  • Selling products and making use of dropshipping services, like Spocket
  • Being part of Youtube’s Partner Program and getting a cut from every ad that plays on your videos
  • Getting a commission whenever your viewers click and purchase from an ad of an affiliate partner
  • Promoting products and services from a sponsor (just make sure you still sound genuine and natural)


  • Recording yourself simply talking about valuable or entertaining things can already attract views
  • The skills you develop as a YouTuber (communication skills, video-editing) can be handy for freelancing jobs and other ventures


  • Most popular topics have high competition, so you have to find ways to stand out
  • You may have invested much time and effort into making a video, yet there are no guarantee people will watch it and like it

Startup: Fast

  • Signing up for a YouTube account takes a few minutes. However, the process of making and editing your first video might take a while.

Payment: Slow

  • If you’re planning to get paid from ad views, you need to gain at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watching hours, and collecting both may take months to a year.

Producing videos that would attract people should be either valuable, entertaining, aesthetically pleasing, or all of that. Doing such takes time, effort, and skills.

Ads are worth an average of $0.18 per view. Multiply this by 1,000 subscribers who viewed the ad on your video, and you’ve got $18. The more subscribers and viewers you have, the higher you can earn.

How to get started:

  • Read a step-by-step guide to help you maximize how much you can earn on YouTube
  • Choose a niche
  • Have a good camera that suits your preferences
  • Know basic video-editing skills

7. Translate Languages

If you’re fluent in a couple of languages or more, you can offer both companies and private individuals translating services for texts, web pages, audio files, and more!

The need for translating services increases daily in pace with an increasingly globalized world, and you can definitely benefit from this.

Basically, the only things you need to start as a translator is a computer and an internet connection. Once you have this, countless sites facilitate the contact between you as a translator and businesses or private users needing translations.

You can find jobs on certain translation sites and get a fixed rate salary. However, you’ll definitely have more control over how much you can make by advertising your services on:

Your own website


  • Formal documents that need translation in high-demand languages tend to pay a lot
  • You get to learn new things


  • It can be a time-consuming task – you have to reread the whole document to get the context and ensure that there are no translation errors in the final document
  • High-paying freelance translation jobs may not arrive regularly

Startup: Fast

  • You can reach out to clients by posting your services on freelancing platforms or joining groups of translators.

Payment: Fast

  • This depends on the agreement you have with your client. Generally, you’ll get paid after you finish a translation project.

Some sentences can be difficult to translate, especially if it’s a legal or medical document. You’ll have to spend some time researching and finding the right words to express the exact message in a different language.

The amount of money you can earn depends on many factors such as the language pair, the type of document, experience, to name a few.

How to get started:

8. Design Websites

Work from home through designing websites

Before you think, “Web Designer? I have no training or knowledge about that at all,” you should know that today, it is possible to make a website in less than 5 minutes with no coding experience whatsoever.

Over the past few years, making a website has become something that anyone with a little knowledge of computers can figure out. This also means that many without any previous training in the field are now able to make a living with this.

The demand for websites is huge, and you can easily benefit from this. Most standard websites sell for between 700$ and 2500$, so with just a few sales, it can quickly turn into a lot of money.

If you think you’re ready for it, advertise your skills on these platforms:


  • Being a freelance web designer gives you more freedom compared to being in an office with a set time schedule
  • There are lots of opportunities for learning as you can design websites for different industries


  • Web design is time-consuming, even more so when you have fussy clients who keep requesting for frequent changes
  • Since the internet is always coming up with changes, you have to stay on top of trends and tech news to remain relevant and valuable

Startup: Slow

  • There are drag-and-drop sites which would make it easier for you to build a website in a few minutes. However, if you want to deepen your knowledge, you’ll have to spend a lot of time learning courses on web design. For most web designers, projects may take two to four months or even longer before it is completed.

Payment: Slow

  • Web design is done in stages: (1) discovery/research, (2) design, (3) development, (4) testing and modification. Each stage may take weeks to be completed, so most freelance web designers charge a portion of their total fee per stage, plus a down payment before starting a project.

There are lots of skills required to be a good web designer: understanding of UX/UI, graphic design, SEO, fluency in a programming language, to name a few.

Web designers who are still starting out can earn around $40,000 annually. Experienced web designers earn anywhere around $50,000 to $80,000 or even more. Of course, this depends on where you live, your length of experience, and skill set.

How to get started:

  • Learn everything that you can about web design (you can take courses from Udemy)
  • Have a PC with all the necessary tools
  • Ensure that you are connected to a stable internet
  • Design your own website through making a blog

9. Become A Virtual Assistant

One of the very popular remote jobs is virtual assistance. A virtual assistant is quite simply a person who functions virtually as an assistant for one or more businesses. With this job, you can do tasks wherever you want in the world since everything is done virtually via the internet, phone, email, etc.

Here are some sites where you can sign up and look for clients:


  • You can be a VA for more than one client
  • You don’t need to have a degree to be a virtual assistant


  • If you don’t have any specialized skill, you can get bored doing repetitive clerical tasks
  • If you don’t know some IT basics, it could mean big trouble for you when your computer suddenly crashes and you did not think of backing up your files

Startup: Fast

  • It takes a few minutes to sign up and create your profile on freelancing platforms.

Payment: Fast

  • Generally, virtual assistants are paid per hour.

Usually, virtual assistants are made to do administrative tasks and clerical tasks.

General VAs earn an average payment of $6-7 per hour, while highly skilled VAs can charge up to $40 or more per hour.

How to get started:

10. Advertise Yourself as a Copywriter

Work from Home through Advertising as Copywriter

If you’ve got some marketing skills and a good writing style, you can earn good money as a copywriter. The demand for text content for the internet is growing as the number of websites increases. If today’s businesses are going to get ahead of the competition, they need help from the outside, and hiring freelance copywriters is very popular.

Even people without a whole lot of experience can be copywriters, since normal and naturally written language is often considered good. The earning potential is reasonably good, especially if your writing can convince the target audience to become customers.

When we say copywriting, we mean writing that is geared towards sales and marketing. Think about emails to customers, sales pages, advertisements, and more. There are unique ways of writing these items and they are easy to learn online for free! Good copywriters can charge up to $10,000 for a single sales page, so there is definitely money to be made!

Good copywriters can sell their services by making their own website for potential clients to see. But there are also other ways to help you find clients:

  • Reaching out to businesses you patronize via social media
  • Posting your skills on LinkedIn
  • Joining Facebook groups of copywriters
  • Creating a profile on freelancing platforms such as Guru or Upwork


  • You can freely exercise your creativity when it comes to selling and advertising
  • You can get to be exposed to different industries and learn a lot of new things


  • You may be restricted to use certain words and thinking of the best words and structure may take timee any specialized skill, you can get bored doing repetitive clerical tasks
  • Writing creatively can be exhausting, especially if you are subject to multiple revisions

Startup: Fast

  • If you’re good at writing creatively and effectively, you can start advertising your copywriting services in your own website or in freelancing platforms.

Payment: Medium

  • While you can demand down payment before you begin, most clients will only pay in full after you’ve completed the whole project (which may take days, depending on its nature). However, there are certain types of sales copy where you can negotiate to get a royalty or commission for every sale.

Copywriting is all about using the right words to evoke a certain emotion that would prompt the reader to take action. Usually, the goal is to get them to BUY without sounding aggressive. This involves clever wordplay, sales psychology, and SEO knowledge.

Copywriters generally charge per project, and may sometimes earn a percentage every time their client makes a sale from the copy they’ve made.

How to get started:

  • Check out 3 ways you can make some cash with your writing skills
  • Create your own website which can double as your copywriting portfolio
  • Make a profile on any freelancing platform
  • Advertise your services on every online channel possible

11. Teach Courses or Tutor Online

Work from home through online teaching

The internet has made it possible to help other people to learn things over the net. Usually, it requires a computer with a webcam and internet connection to get started as a ‘tutor’ or ‘teacher’.

You can teach other people an unlimited number of things, and since knowledge is one of the most valuable things in our society, you can easily make good money by teaching.

If you are good at playing the guitar, you can offer courses in that. If you are good at a particular language you can offer both schoolchildren and adults help in learning it, and if you feel like it, you can help schoolchildren with their homework.

You can do freelance work, but there are sites that connect you to students to make it easier for you to start immediately.

For tutoring:

For teaching:


  • You’re making additional income from sharing things you already know
  • You can choose your own schedule
  • Tutoring classes are usually one-on-one sessions where you can focus on your student’s learning needs without any distraction


  • Tutoring jobs may not come regularly unless you’ve found a student who’s willing to make a scheduled tutoring session with you
  • You have high competition on both tutoring and teaching sites so you have to find ways to stand out

Startup: Medium

  • Making an account in tutoring sites takes a few minutes, but looking for a student who needs help in your areas of specialty might take a while.
  • As for teaching courses, the scriptwriting, filming, and video editing might take a day or two.

Payment: Medium

While you already have some degree of knowledge in your area of specialty, you have to constantly stay updated on the latest developments. This is especially important if you’re looking to stand out among other teachers or tutors.

  • Tutors are paid a little above the minimum wage, depending on where they live. Of course, the rate could be much higher if they have more specialized knowledge and certifications to prove it.
  • Teachers can make a few dollars to thousands of it if they satisfy the online platform’s criteria for getting paid on their classes.

How to get started:

  • Have a computer with a web camera
  • Have a good internet connection
  • Own a good set of headphones with a microphone

12. Open An Online Store

Thanks to the internet, we have a bigger market to sell our products and services to.

If you’re starting out as a small business owner with little capital, the best way to get your offers out there is to open an online store. They’re easier to maintain, are location-independent, can be managed by yourself (especially if you’re starting out), and can help you cut down on expenses like rent and electricity of a physical store.

Once you’ve made your plan, it’s time to spread the word. Here are various ways to do it:


  • There are many websites you can choose from. You can set up shop where your target market is most present
  • There are no limits to how often you can make a sale as your store is available 24/7


  • A negative user experience with your website (it keeps crashing, for example) or a bad encounter with your business page (such as being unresponsive to their inquiries) can seriously affect your profit
  • Delayed shipments may affect your customer’s perception of your services

Startup: Medium

  • Making a social media page usually takes a few minutes, but it takes days or months to gather customers to ‘like’ your page and purchase something from you.
  • Making your own website or building one on eCommerce sites may take a bit longer. In addition, advertising it so you can get visitors also takes awhile.

Payment: Fast

  • Online stores generally require payment upfront before they send products or services. With this, you can expect to get paid as soon as you make a sale.

Almost everything in the world has an online presence and you’re competing with all of them, especially with commercial giants like Amazon.

How much money you can expect to gain depends on the product or service you’re selling.

How to get started:

  • Create a social media page on sites like Facebook and Instagram and/or create an online store in an eCommerce site
  • Find a reliable shipping company
  • Use an integrated payment processor that accepts all major credit cards
  • Research on ways to improve your product/service
  • Find ways to advertise your business

13. Become A Home-Based Telemarketer

Work from home through telemarketing

Telemarketing involves making direct contact with your customer, usually via phone call. Lots of companies do this to introduce their products or services with the goal of making the customer make a purchase. Other times, telemarketing also involves answering calls coming from the customers themselves, using it as an opportunity to build rapport.

As a telemarketer, you’re the bridge between the company and the customer. Your usual tasks involve:

  • Calling an existing customer and a potential customer to promote products and services
  • Answering customer questions about a product or service
  • Collecting customer information

You can find remote telemarketing jobs here (full-time, part-time, freelance):


  • It’s a good way to gain knowledge on sales and customer relations
  • Telemarketing builds your communication skills to help you get what you want, which you can use to your advantage in any area in your life


  • There’s a possibility of dealing with unpleasant customers
  • Calling people all day to reach your quota and repeating the same script can be exhausting

Startup: Medium

  • If you’re accepted to a legitimate remote telemarketing job, they usually offer training (some are paid) before you can officially start as a telemarketer

Payment: Medium

  • Telemarketers are paid by the hour.

If you’re good at building rapport with people and keep calm and focused when things are not going your way, then this job would be easy for you.

Telemarketers get paid an average of anywhere from $10.50 to $18 per hour, plus commissions, depending on skill, location, and type of product or service sold.

How to get started:

  • Have a distraction-free room in your house (most telemarketing companies require this)
  • Own a computer with a stable internet connection
  • A telephone
  • A noise-cancelling headset

14. Write Your Own eBook and Sell It

Years ago, it was difficult for writers to get their book published. A lot of publishing houses received requests, yet not everything would pass their criteria. But, today we have the internet where writers could easily self-publish and find ways to get their work noticed.

If you’re a writer and want to reap the fruits of your effort, you could make an eBook and sell it. The best thing about eBooks is that it can be opened on any device and usually cost less than a physical book. That makes it attractive to many avid readers on a budget.

Here are some sites where you could sell your ebook:

Your own website


  • Posting your book on any selling platform usually takes 1-2 days. That’s much better compared to waiting for a traditional publishing house to produce your book
  • There are various ways for you to sell your books: you can sell it on Facebook groups, on Instagram, on Amazon, etc.!
  • You have complete creative control over your work


  • You can spend many months writing a book but there’s no guarantee that it will be sold for a good profit, especially if you don’t know how to market it well
  • If your book is under a popular genre, you’ll be facing lots of competition

Startup: Slow

  • Writing a book can take months or even years to finish. But once it’s done, self-publishing it or posting it for sale can take a few minutes to an hour.

Payment: Medium

  • If you’ve got an order from your website or social media page, you can get paid as soon as the sale is completed. Other selling platforms like Amazon need a few weeks to process your payment, especially if you’re a first-time seller.

Writing needs a good balance of logic and creativity, as well as attention to detail. But if you’ve been writing for years and feel like you can share something valuable or entertaining, you will find this method easy.

The amount you can earn depends on its popularity, demand, and price range, to name a few factors. But once you’ve figured out how to market it well, it basically becomes a good source of passive income. Plus, there are some selling platforms that offer royalties.

How to get started:

15. Sell Clothes

Work from home through selling clothes

Got an eye for fashion? Make a business from that by choosing trendy clothes and styling them to attract buyers. You can sell brand new clothes, unique clothes bought from vintage shops, your gently used clothes, or clothes you made yourself.

Get familiar with the different ways you can sell clothes online:

  • Make an Instagram business page
  • Make an eCommerce website
  • Make a Facebook page as an online shop
  • Establish a store in online selling platforms like eBay
  • Sell your handmade clothes at Etsy


  • Because everything is online, you have the potential to make a sale 24/7
  • You can easily advertise your shop to your target customers, especially if you’re using Facebook or Instagram Ads


  • The competition is high
  • Shipping costs be expensive, making your potential customer hesitant to make a purchase especially if they’re on a budget

Startup: Medium

  • Creating your online shop may take an hour or more. In addition, taking good photos and making good descriptions per clothing article before posting them may take a day or two, depending on the quantity.

Payment: Fast

  • You can receive payment as soon as a sale is completed.

Just post clothes on any online selling platform and wait for a customer to buy.

This depends on the quality and quantity of the clothes you sell. But some sellers have made as much as $100,000 a month from buying and selling clothes.

How to get started:

  • Choose where you want to sell clothes
  • Choose a particular style of clothing to sell
  • Take good pictures of your items
  • Post the right sizes and measurements of the clothes you’re selling
  • Make a good description of each, while keeping your intended market in mind
  • Be good at marketing and customer service
  • Choose a good shipping provider

16. Sell Photos and Art

Work from Home by Selling Photos

Put your artistic skills to good use by selling your finished work! This method is best if you’ve been a freelance photographer for a long time or make art during your free time. Instead of calling yourself a so-called “starving artist”, you can be a successful one!

Here are some money-making ways to show your skills:

  • Post your artwork on Instagram and take commissions or orders
  • Make a Facebook page for selling your art
  • If you’ve had a good engagement with your followers, you can request them to fund your artistic pursuits through Patreon or similar platforms
  • Sell your artistic photos on Etsy
  • Sell stock photos on Alamy
  • Advertise as a freelance artist on platforms like Upwork


  • You can use your existing artwork for your portfolio
  • You can use your existing artwork for your portfolio


  • Some materials and tools can be quite expensive
  • Some of your artwork and photos may not be sold for a very long time
  • Some customers may negotiate for a lower price

Startup: Medium

  • Making a good artwork or producing a quality photo may take a few hours to a few days.

Payment: Fast

  • If you’re selling art on your personal channels, you can get paid as soon as the sale is completed. However, if you’re selling on a third-party platform like Alamy for photos and Etsy for art in general, there is a set payment schedule.

Making good art or photos won’t be a problem if you are artistically-inclined. However, knowing how to market them properly may be challenging.

If you’re a fast worker and can produce a lot of art or finish a few but quality ones, you can earn enough to make it as a huge source of income.

How to get started:

  • Possess a natural artistic skill
  • Have the right materials for your artwork or photo
  • Have a good knowledge of proper marketing techniques
  • Choose a platform to sell your work

17. Sell on Amazon

Work from Home by Selling on Amazon

If you want to sell items and maximize your revenues, selling on Amazon is the way to go. First established in the US in 1994, Amazon has grown to be the most popular online retailer worldwide. It offers two types of plans, depending on what kind of seller you are:

  • Individual Plan – Amazon gets $0.99 per item you sell plus other fees. This is a good choice if you’re selling less than 40 items per month.
  • Professional Plan – You’re charged $39.99 per month plus other fees if you sell more than 40 items per month.

Choosing a profitable product to sell depends on your interests, market research, and capital.


  • There’s an increasing number of people who prefer to shop in online marketplaces and Amazon is one of the most popular sites with over 2 billion visits per month
  • It has an algorithm that advertises your products to visitors
  • You can choose a hassle-free shipping option by making use of Fulfillment by Amazon which offers features that lets you save time and focus on your business


  • It’s challenging to be known for your individual brand on Amazon
  • If you have not studied Amazon’s marketplace fees, you can easily lose a huge chunk of your profits

Startup: Medium

  • Signing up as a professional Amazon seller may take a few days to a month before you can start posting items as they have to review your application first.

Payment: Medium

Your items must meet Amazon’s approval and find ways to beat out the other competitors, such as placing the right keywords, gathering lots of positive feedback, etc.

Most Amazon sellers earn $1,000 to $25,000 a month. However, it’s also possible to earn as much as $25,000 to $250,000 a month if your products are in high demand and you also know how to navigate Amazon’s rules on selling.

How to get started:

  • Have a supplier of items you want to sell
  • Decide which Amazon selling account you want to open
  • Research on ways to be profitable on Amazon amid the competition

18. Transcribe Audio and Video Files

Are you a good listener with fast typing skills? If you are, you could do a good job as a transcriptionist.

This is simply typing in audio files into a text version. As such, all you’ll need is a computer and an internet connection and you’re ready to go.

There are three categories of industries that hire transcriptionists:

  • General
  • Legal
  • Medical

The first category of “General” is any type of content that does not require specialized knowledge. It can be anything from a YouTube video, a podcast, a documentary, or a seminar. The other two – medical and legal – tend to pay higher but may require some previous experience studying or working in those fields.

Here are some places where you can apply for transcriptionist jobs:


  • Almost anyone can transcribe as long as they have a decent typing speed and can focus for hours
  • You can learn new things from the files you’re transcribing


  • Transcription jobs that fall in the General category tend to pay low
  • You may spend a few hours transcribing a 30-minute audio recording, especially if there are distractions to the sound quality

Startup: Medium

  • Depending on the industry or client, some will require you to undergo training first before letting you transcribe officially.

Payment: Fast

  • Some sites will pay you once a week, while some clients will pay you as soon as you finish transcribing.

Listening very carefully and sitting for long hours can be exhausting, especially if the audio file has lots of noise distractions.

The average hourly salary is $15-$18 depending on your area, but other transcriptionists can earn as much as $2,200 total or more per month.

How to get started:

  • Have fast typing skills, good listening skills, good grammar, and attention to detail
  • Own a computer with a stable internet connection
  • Own a quality headset
  • Have a distraction-free environment

19. Sell handmade products

Work from home through handmade products

If you’re very good at creating things, you can turn that into a money-making venture while staying at home! There’s a market of those who prefer handmade products because it’s unique, supports local businesses, and environmentally-friendly!

Unlike mass-produced items, handmade items are usually done with great attention to detail and are usually produced in very small batches. These characteristics make handmade products the best choice if you want to stand out with your gifts!

These are some of the best places to sell your handmade products:


  • You’ll be earning just by doing things you already enjoy
  • Depending on which handicraft you’re making, some raw materials can be cheap


  • Some types of handmade products can be really time-consuming to make
  • If you’re selling a popular type of handmade product, you might have a lot of competition

Startup: Slow

  • It usually takes hours or days to complete a handmade product.

Payment: Fast

  • Buyers usually pay upfront, so you’ll earn as soon as you make a sale.

It takes skill, time, and effort to produce quality handmade products. Sometimes, you might end up making a mistake, and your product cannot be sold anymore despite the time and effort you’ve invested in it.

Handmade items like jewellery or furniture can be sold for a few thousand dollars.

How to get started:

  • Have the necessary materials and tools for your chosen handmade product
  • Have a clean and proper working environment

20. Sell Pastries

Baking may be your favourite pastime to unwind, but did you know it can also be turned into a business? Sugary sweets and other pastries are constantly in demand and you don’t even need to have a physical bakery to start selling!

As long as you have the right equipment, tools, and ingredients in a clean kitchen, you can start making pastries available for sale online. Here are some places you can sell your goods:

  • Your own Facebook Business Page
  • Make your own eCommerce store with platforms like Shopify
  • Your own website or blog


  • Most ingredients for common pastries are available anywhere
  • You can start baking in your own kitchen and save up on costs (just make sure that it’s clean or that it’s been checked by your local food safety regulation authorities!)


  • High competition
  • Shipping and delivery might affect the quality of your baked goods
  • Your baked goods might not be sold immediately or at all

Startup: Fast

  • Baking goods, packaging them, and posting online can be done within a day or two.

Payment: Fast

  • You can get paid as soon as a buyer completes their order.

Baking yummy pastries takes skill. Also, if you want to stand out from the competition, you have to know your target market’s taste and research about how you can market well.

If you want to get a big profit out of selling pastries, you’d have to sell in a large quantity or sell a few special pastries at high prices.

How to get started:

  • Have the right baking tools and equipment
  • Check with your local authorities regarding their regulations on starting a food business at home
  • Open an online shop to take orders

21. Start a Podcast

Work from home through podcast

If you’re a pro at talking about different topics, you’d be a natural at doing podcasts! Podcasts are simply a talk show. You may watch a video of the host and conversation partners engaged in a discussion or you may simply listen to them via audio recording.

Unlike a radio talk show which can only broadcast to a particular geographical area, podcasts can be made available online for anyone to stream or download. Best of all, podcasts can be a great complement to an existing business! You can use your podcast to advertise products and services, as well as build great relationships with your audience and potential customers.

So, how can you get paid while podcasting? Here are five ways to do that:

  • Join affiliate programs and get a commission every time a listener buys from the affiliate partners you are promoting
  • Attract sponsorships and endorse their products and services
  • Offer exclusive content for a subscription fee
  • Crowdfunding
  • Promote your existing business
    • For example, you could be talking about a certain niche and establish yourself as an authority. From your podcast, you can attract potential customers or people who will want to do business with you.


  • As long as you have any recording device, an audio-editing software, and a noise-free room, you can begin making your podcast
  • You have the freedom to explore any topic you want


  • It’s hard to control or protect your podcast content once you’ve published it to various forms of social media
  • If your topic isn’t easily relatable or if you don’t know how to market it well, you could go on doing podcasts for months with a few listeners

Startup: Fast

  • Recording yourself to discuss any topic of your choice is quickly done, especially if you don’t need a lot of editing.

Payment: Slow

  • Your podcast can only get monetized if you have at least 1,000 followers or any significant amount determined by a potential sponsor.

It’s easy to record yourself when you’re starting out. But if you’re determined to have your podcasts monetized, you need to have a steady list of interesting ideas to discuss, have a regular posting schedule, and know all the ways you can market your podcast.

It is possible to earn as much as $1,000,000 a year on podcasts. This is usually due to sponsors, ads, getting paid per 1,000 downloads, and offering exclusive content that listeners are willing to pay for.

How to get started:

  • Have a good audio recording device
  • Have an audio editing software
  • Create a plan for your topics and schedule them
  • Choose a platform to host your podcasts

22. Sell Your Creative Writing Skills

Work from Home by Writing

Having a good grasp of the written language and plenty of interesting ideas can lead to money!

As a creative writer, you are free to express your creativity in any form, whether it be for media, the literary field, or anything that strikes your fancy. The more unique or relatable your content is, the more someone will like reading your work.

If you’re interested to start earning from your creative writing skills, here are some things you can do:

  • Ghostwrite for someone else’s written content
  • Contribute an article to a magazine or newspaper
  • Write a book
  • Do songwriting
  • Be a comic book writer
  • Write a blog and get it monetized
  • Offer freelancing writing services


  • You don’t need to have a degree in Creative Writing in order to start
  • There are no age limits or any other barriers to start writing


  • If you’re hired as a freelancer, you might have to do a lot of research depending on the topic and that takes a lot of time
  • If you’re a creative writer but don’t know how to market well, you may be unable to attract supporters of your work

Startup: Medium

  • It takes time to find a client or build a solid readership of your blog or any other written work.

Payment: Medium

  • How fast you can get paid depends on which method you chose to earn from writing. For example, it may take months to a year before you can get paid from your self-published book, but get your payment in a few days after writing and submitting a one-page article.

Writing may come naturally to some people, but research is still essential to produce quality work. In addition, you also have to know proper marketing to get more exposure.

This also depends on which method you chose. Writing the next best-selling book can earn you millions while writing a few articles here and there might earn you enough to cover some expenses.

How to get started:

  • Read this guide to help you make a profitable writing journey
  • Have good writing skills
  • Have a computer with a good internet connection
  • Choose which creative writing method you can do

23. Be an Online Travel Agent

If you’ve got a knack for travelling on a budget, then you can be an online travel agent!

Travel agents help people find and book the best rates and deals for their trip. In other words, you help a regular traveller save the hassle of organizing a trip from start to finish, making their experience as convenient as possible. Travel agents earn from the clients’ payments as well as commissions from service providers such as hotels and airlines!

So, how can you get started? Here are some ideas:

  • Offer freelance services in platforms like Upwork
  • Find clients or companies in Facebook groups
  • Establish your own online travel agency and make your own website


  • You can get discounts and special offers from your partnered travel service providers (which you can also use for yourself!)
  • You have lots of opportunities to learn about countries and tourism management


  • Not all airlines like to partner with travel agents
  • You are competing with established online travel agencies such as Expedia

Startup: Slow

  • This job requires a lot of research, organization, connections, and choosing the right places to find clients or companies willing to hire you.

Payment: Medium

  • Online travel agents are usually paid by the customer once the travel package is sold.

You have to be a great organizer, good problem solver, have the right connections, and be a great communicator. Making a mistake in organizing a client’s trip could make you liable for extra expenses or even make the client sue you. In this case, you have to prepare insurance for such events.

Travel agents, depending on their offers and quality of service, can make anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 in a year.

How to get started:

  • Choose a niche (would you like to specialize in providing summer vacations in Southeast Asia? Honeymoon destinations in Italy?)
  • Have a computer with a fast and stable internet connection
  • Own a business phone and telephone
  • Have a printer
  • Obtain a certification or license (depending on the laws from where you live)
  • Get insurance for travel risks
  • Research extensively

24. Create and Design T-shirts

Work from home through designing tshirts

Are you a fan of statement shirts? What about shirts with interesting designs that initiate a conversation?

If you are, you can definitely create and design t-shirts! As long as you have wit and creativity plus some photoshop skills, you can begin with this business idea.

Here are some sites where you can create and sell your designs:


  • You can charge according to the customization needed by your clients (if you’re freelancing)
  • You can easily make a design and just post it on your site for anyone to order (if you’re making your own business)


  • Your designs might not be very attractive to your target market
  • If you’re not careful with your supplier or design printing process, your t-shirt designs might have bad quality and get ruined easily

Startup: Medium

  • It’s easy to design shirts and post them on your site. The challenge is when you’re designing for somebody else and they require a lot of revisions to the design which might take a few days to finalize.

Payment: Fast

  • You can get your payment as soon as the sale is complete.

Making the right designs that are sellable may take some time because you need to research and try out different styles.

If you’ve chosen a popular niche and have a design style that people like, you can easily make a hundred dollars or more.

How to get started:

  • Install a photo-editing software
  • Decide how you want to advertise your shirt designs
  • Sign up to one of the recommended T-shirt selling websites

25. Do Remote Tasks with Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers available worldwide. As such, they have a high need for customer service representatives, data entry typists, and more!

If you’re looking for something seasonal or full-time, you can head over to Amazon’s Virtual Locations site.

But if you want something non-committal and easy to do, check out Amazon Mechanical Turk. This is a site where there’s always thousands of micro-tasks available to do. Best of all, they don’t require a lot of special skills, there’s no set hour or schedule to finish, and you can do up to 100 or more short tasks in a day!

Here are sample tasks you can expect to do on Amazon mTurk:

  • Selecting the correct spelling for search terms
  • Checking if a website is suitable for a general audience
  • Finding the item number of a product in an image
  • Rating the search results for a particular set of keywords
  • Checking if two products are the same
  • Choosing the appropriate category for products
  • Categorizing the tone of this article
  • Translating short paragraphs


  • There’s always a remote job opening due to Amazon’s nature of business
  • Thousands of easy-to-do tasks are present daily on mTurk
  • On mTurk, you can do tasks based on your own schedule (however, you need to complete at least 1 task per day for your first 10 days)


  • Some remote job openings or mTurk tasks may not be available in your country
  • Being a remote worker (especially if you’re a customer service representative) may mean working during holidays

Startup: Medium

  • Amazon trains its remote customer service associates or other positions before they let them officially begin.
  • On the other hand, making an account with mTurk takes a few minutes and your application will be processed for verification in 48 hours. Once verified, you’ll have a 10-day probationary period.

Payment: Fast

  • Amazon’s remote workers are paid by the hour. However, mTurk workers earn once their task result is approved within 24 hours. Their total earnings can then be disbursed to Amazon Payments or be converted to a balance on their Amazon gift card.
  • Remote workers come with their own set of challenges. If you’re a customer service associate, you may have to deal with unpleasant customers and work during holidays and weekends.
  • Workers on mTurk who want to earn more than the minimum wage have to increase their total number of micro-tasks done and add some more skills to be qualified for higher-paying tasks.

The average salary for remote job openings, usually customer service representatives, is $15 per hour. On the other hand, the micro-tasks (lasting for a few seconds to a few minutes) on mTurk pay less than a dollar. But you can easily finish as many as 50 micro-tasks in an hour and earn around $8 to $15.

How to get started:

  • For remote positions on Amazon, search here and submit an application
  • For doing micro-tasks, sign up to Amazon mTurk
  • Own a computer with a fast internet connection

26. Do Be A Remote Customer Service Representative


Work from Home through Customer Service Representative

When you call a company with a request, a complaint, or whatever it may be, the first thing that comes to mind may be a large office with up to several different customer support representatives.

However, the person answering the phone at the other end may as well be someone who works from home. More and more companies hire independent support representatives to work from their own homes. This saves the company expenses for office space, and over time, it has become more and more popular as well. For you, it is simply a matter of answering phone calls, e-mails, and perhaps chats on behalf of the company that employs you.

Here are some sites where you can find remote customer service jobs:


  • You can strengthen your problem-solving skills
  • It gives you an insight into what customers are usually looking for. This is especially helpful if you’re planning to run your own business in the future


  • You are dealing with various customers throughout your shift and you might encounter some nasty behaviour that can drain your energy
  • Depending on which company you’re working for, you might be given irregular shifts which can throw off the rest of your schedule

Startup: Medium

  • Some companies require their newly hired employees to undergo a series of training first before they can officially begin working.

Payment: Fast

  • Customer service representatives are usually paid on a fixed schedule. Usually, this would be twice a month.

This job requires strong interpersonal skills as well as good problem-solving skills as you’re often dealing with people with different concerns and attitudes

Depending on the company, good performances are given bonuses and boosts them toward promotion.

How to get started:

  • Have a fast computer with a stable internet connection
  • Look for jobs in the freelance sites mentioned above
  • Have a noise-cancelling headset (if you’re assigned as a voice-based customer service representative)

27. Do Data Entry Jobs

If you’re a fast typist with attention to detail, you can look into doing data entry jobs. This is simply transferring information from a document into a digital database.

These are some sites where you can look for remote data entry jobs:


  • Low barrier to entry
  • Depending on your client or employer, you can have flexible working hours


  • Tasks can be boring and repetitive
  • There is high competition for data entry jobs, so you might need to learn other skills to set yourself apart from the rest and earn higher

Startup: Fast

  • As long as you have a personal computer and stable internet connection, you can get started transferring data into a computer system.

Payment: Fast

  • Data entry jobs usually pay per hour.

This job requires strong interpersonal skills as well as good problem-solving skills as you’re often dealing with people with different concerns and attitudes

Average salary is $15 per hour, but the highest that can be given by generous companies or clients is around $22 or more per hour.

How to get started:

  • Take an online test to determine your average typing speed
  • Be familiar with various types of data software
  • Sign up to any freelancing platform to find data entry jobs

Beginner’s Guide on How to Work From Home

Work from home guide

So, you’ve got your own computer and a stable internet connection. But how should you design your environment at home? Read the next section on how to set up a space designed for success.

Setting up your workstation at home

Once you have figured out what kind of setup you would like to have at home, it’s just a matter of making your experience as good and as productive as possible. You must have a good workstation, the right equipment, and you need to be aware of some completely different things than if you were working a 9-5 job

Your workstation at home

We really can’t emphasize enough about the importance of having a good workstation, especially when you’re at home. We specifically recommend that you dedicate a room in your house or apartment for use as an office and workstation. An office or a dedicated workspace makes you much more productive and gets you to look at things in a more professional way.

Make sure you have a good chair, a desk, some music if that’s your thing, and good lighting in the room. By having little things like these, you will soon feel that you have a “workplace” and this is important because your brain must be able to distinguish your work time at home from your private life at home.

The way your workstation should look obviously depends very much on what kind of work you do from home. There are big differences between the way an artist’s workstation should look and the way the workstation of a person who makes money doing consumer research should look. Basically, the most important thing is actually how you yourself feel you work efficiently and comfortably.

But regardless of what you do, there are a few things that should be in your workstation:

A desk

Many simply choose to use their dining table or the TV table, but this is clearly not recommended. By having your own table dedicated to work, you can focus more. If you’re willing to invest, we recommend that you find a height-adjustable desk since it can also be nice to work while standing occasionally.

A good computer

There is simply nothing worse than a slow computer with a fan that is louder than an airplane at take-off. Make sure you have a computer you feel like working on! Often you can’t settle for an iPad or a tablet since many of the programs in these are limited.

A stable internet connection

The vast majority of work-at-home jobs take place over the computer, which must obviously have an internet connection for communicating with the outside world. Be sure to have a stable internet connection that is strong at your workstation, so working at home doesn’t become a drag.

A sound system or a pair of headphones

You may want to have a sound system that can play some music to put you in a good mood. You can also settle for a pair of headphones that should also be usable for video calls.

A bottle of water

It may seem silly for this to even sneak in as a recommendation, but having a bottle of water at your desk is really a must. When you work, you often have a tendency to forget to both eat and drink. By always having a bottle of water at your workstation, you make sure you get plenty of fluids while working in an intense and concentrated manner from home.

Here, you can find work you can do at home

In order to be able to quit your office job and do home-based work, your skills have to be valuable. Yet sometimes, it can be challenging to find something that will make you good money. Fortunately, there are a number of different portals that act as a link between employees and employers. These portals very simply help workers to find work, and they can be great places to start if you want to earn some extra money.

We have listed some of the best places to find work below:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Work From Home

Just as there are advantages and disadvantages of being in an office, the same goes for doing remote work. Check out the pros and cons below.


Increased flexibility

Managing your own hours gives you more freedom as you may have opportunities to travel, live, and work from other locations.

No commuter traffic

You would probably be hard-pressed to find a person who likes bumper-to-bumper traffic and honking, angry, and stressed motorists, each struggling to get to their destination first. Or for that matter, a packed train with sweating and tired commuters. But if you’ve found a home-based job, you’ll forget what traffic feels like!

You can wear whatever you want

Since you are in your own home and not subject to a specific dress code, you can choose what to wear without any limitations. If you feel that you do your best work in your pajamas, there is no one to tell you this is wrong!

More time with family and friends

By not being restrained by a physical office and a rigid 8 to 5, you can manage your own schedule so you’ll have more time to spend on your loved ones.

The option of making your own workstation

You can freely decide how you want your workstation to look and where you want to place it. It is completely up to you what kinds of things should be in your office, what chair you sit in, and what music you listen to.

No outside distractions

There are no colleagues to stop by to shoot the breeze and destroy your working rhythm.

You save money

At home, you are able to make your own food so you’re saving yourself the expense of buying from pricey food establishments.


Your loved ones start being more demanding of you

One of the things you may experience, especially if you’re living with family or friends at home, is that they develop a kind of expectation of you. Suddenly, you are home and around your family or friends more, and your loved ones suddenly start to interpret this as you having more time for them and any chores or whatever it may be.

It may be hard for others to understand that you are actually working when you are at home, and it is therefore important to make it clear to those who might be trying to disturb you.

Less social contact

When working at home, you are somewhat isolated, and you don’t have the same interactions with other people, as you would working in a store or office. It is harder to maintain friendships with colleagues, you are suddenly eating lunch alone, and there are no more beers after work.

Completely independent work

If you’re having a hard time, there’s no one who can come to your workstation and help you. For example, if your laptop suddenly crashed and you don’t know what to do, you won’t have an IT specialist or coworker fix it for you for free.

Too much work

In an office, you weren’t considered “at work” until you clocked in and you weren’t considered “done with work” after clocking out and going home. Unfortunately, when doing home-based jobs, the lines between working and relaxing are suddenly very blurry.

It can be hard to be 100% off, and you may experience always having work on your mind. Once again, a good tip might be to have an organized schedule that helps to separate work and leisure

You can become too comfortable with your work

When you are at home, you are in an extremely relaxed and comfortable environment, your bed is close by, and it is easy to just sit on the couch and watch TV. As we have mentioned earlier, it is really important to have a workstation, an office, or a room dedicated to work.

One Last Thing...

Work From Home

Whether you are already doing remote jobs at home, considering it, or preparing to get started, hopefully, this guide has helped you in some way.

We hope we’ve highlighted some of the benefits that you get when you’re doing home-based work.

You’ll get:

  • More freedom
  • More flexibility
  • The ability to work wherever, and whenever you want
  • More time with your friends and family
  • More time to take care of yourself, your hobbies, and your passions

Anyone can work remotely, but to be successful, you have to cultivate a disciplined mindset. In exchange for freedom, flexibility, and the chance to fully control your financial future, you have to be organized and determined.

We’ve prepared 27 of the easiest, fastest, and most profitable ways and we hope that you’ve found a method (or more!) that you can do. If you’re still unsure of which method to choose from the list above, you can head over to our IncomeNinjas Quiz to help you decide.

If you’re feeling hesitant to get started, just remember why you’ve been thinking of leaving the traditional office lifestyle in the first place. Think of the reasons that made you desire to change your life and then imagine the future you want to achieve.

And remember, the more you visualize your own success, the more likely you will be able to achieve it. Best of luck to you!

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