IncomeNinjas has created a sitemap, so you can quickly get an overview of the entire IncomeNinjas site. The sitemap will be updated regularly, so you can easily gain an overview of all the information available on IncomeNinjas.

Front Page

  • Front page – the front page is great for understanding what IncomeNinjas is all about. On the front page, you can see all the people behind IncomeNinjas, along with detailed descriptions about all kinds of earnings opportunities on the internet

Income Methods

  • Overview over income methods – Our method over the best income methods, where you can compare IncomeNinjas scores.

  • Earn money on bitcoin – Here you can learn how to make money on bitcoin, see how to trade them, and see even how David from Moneymarket has earned several thousand Danish kroner on bitcoin. Not only can you read about bitcoin here, you can also see our recommended strategy for bitcoin, so you can win more than you lose.

  • Money for your opinion – Money for your opinion is among the top 3 for best income method. This income method is one of the easiest and least risky ways to make money online.

  • Earn money with affiliate marketing – this method is the best for creating passive income. Read and learn all you need to know about starting in affiliate marketing.

Money blog

  • The money blog – is constantly updated with new information about making money online.


  • Contact page – if you have questions or anything else, just use the contact page.
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