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The roulette system shown here increase your chances to make money playing roulette tremendously. The likelihood of you winning is greater than normal, and your stakes will soon pay off leading on the way to becoming rich.

The roulette system shown by Anton from in the film below is a sure system, which is both exciting and fun. By using the roulette system, you can make about $150 an hour.

Most people probably know the way to play roulette. You place a certain amount and then you have the chance to win or lose your money up to several times. By using this exact system, you actually go in and ‘cheat’ the statistical advantages of the roulette wheel in a very specific way. The actual roulette system is developed based on statistical calculations.

See how Anton from earns 100$ in an hour with a roulette system

Roulette consists of several different methods of play. The one used in this roulette system is the one, where you bet an amount on red or black.

  1. Choose an amount as your starting bet, which will always be the amount you wind up betting after taking home a win.
  2. Place your starting bet on the color you have chosen. It will be either red or black.
  3. If you win, you place the starting bet in the same place again. If you lose, you double the last bet and place it in the same place again.
  4. As soon as you win again, you start over with the original starting bet
  5. In case you lose the first round of play but win the next one, you have made back the loss from your first game, as well as making your starting bet as a profit. does not recommend using this technique at real casinos, since these often have an upper limit for the size of bet you can make. In addition, the minimum bet is often $10 or more, which means that you would need several thousands of $ at your disposal in order to carry it through.

As you can see, the principle is simple, and the chance of winning is great. The most attractive thing about this system is that the risk of losing is minimized, since you consistently have an advantage over the roulette.

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