How to Buy Instagram Likes Safely without Violating Terms

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It’s a long and lonely climb to the top of Instagram—where the most popular people in the world have millions of followers. It makes you wonder if you should you just buy Instagram likes and jump into the pool already.

Instagram sure thinks it’s a good idea – it’s why they offer their own program for buying likes on Instagram called Instagram Ads. Here’s the deal: you DO have to buy Instagram likes, in that you have to spend money to see results.

The real question is what company, or strategy, do you use? You’ve gone through the effort to make an awesome profile. Now, how can you give it a boost to get it out into the world and in front of people as quickly as possible? In this article we’re going to show you how to buy instagram likes safely, the process to do it, and what companies offer the most effective (and legitimate) solutions.

Are You Even Allowed to Buy Likes with Instagram?

What if you want to buy Instagram likes but are afraid of being suspended for violating the terms of service? While it is important to ask the company about their ethical practices, there’s nothing wrong with the concept of Follow4Follow or Like 4 Like. In social media these phrases mean “I will follow you, if you follow me,”, or similarly for likes.

It’s customary and entirely logical, that you would meet people in your field, your ideal customers, or people with similar interests on Instagram. So, why wouldn’t you want to follow them if they’re interesting? Why wouldn’t you want to like their posts and hopefully encourage them to like your posts in return? (Note: If you need some ideas, check out our article about how to get more followers on Instagram).

This is the entire concept behind guest blogging and guest commenting, a tactic major influencers constantly do, known colloquially as quid pro quo. The only thing that’s going to get your account suspended will be if the company you work with has no idea what they’re doing and has no concept of time: They will post and follow indiscriminately and do so at a ridiculously fast rate.

buy likes on instagram

Robots, spammers and fake profiles like and follow people continuously, it’s an automated process. They don’t do it realistically, as a living person would. This should be the first thing you ask a company, that is, how their liking / follow process works and what kind of time frame you can expect results.

The longer the time frame, the better. That usually means that they’re taking a more human approach and actually sharing the content with real people. Real people don’t instantly like everything they read…they click and review content first.

On the other hand, 50,000 followers guaranteed in a day sounds awful robotic, doesn’t it? And not coincidentally, this order would be very likely to get you spam-arrested by the Instagram police.

Now the question is, “which company can help you the most and for the most reasonable price per service?” Do these companies let you spend only what you’ve budgeted to spend, or are they always trying to talk you into spending more than you can afford?

How To Buy Instagram Likes: The Top 11 Companies and Apps You Should Use

The best way to find a small “boost” company to work with is to pay attention to what they actually do and why it’s unique. Here are 10 companies that offer the option to buy Instagram likes AND something else special that could be of help establishing your presence early on.

While not necessarily an “Instagram like” app directly, Fiverr is a freelance platform which has thousands of freelancers and professional marketers you can hire to help you improve your profile, buy Instagram likes, and more.


Lots of different marketers to choose from along with different service types.


Even with the review system Fiverr has, you aren’t guaranteed to have a good experience with the freelancer or marketer you select.

number two icon

Fame Boom

Fame Boom is one of the top apps for how to buy Instagram likes with over five million downloads and a high user rating comprised of over 700,000 reviews.


What makes the app worthwhile is that it actually figures out the most popular hashtags of the moment and advises you on which ones to use.


Simple options to buy Instagram likes start at 99 cents, but can go up to $200 for some of those loftier goals…like 10,000 likes!

free like 4 like

If you’re looking at how to buy Instagram likes, this app goes one step beyond posting like 4 like hashtags: They advertise “real users” that like your photos and actually have a method for guaranteeing this quid pro quo. You have to start the process and like other people’s photos in exchange for free coins, which “buys” you likes from other users.


Unlike most other apps, this is 100% free to use and doesn’t require you to buy Instagram likes—at least in monetary terms. Still, time is usually cheaper than money!


Options are limited because it’s free but for a coin based system, it’s a lot of fun and useful in the beginning.

followers insight for instagram

Followers Insight is a little more in depth when it comes to offering Instagram marketing services, as it studies trends, visitor behavior and interaction.


You can manage and track multiple accounts, see analytics on your best posts, compare publishing times, and even which users appear to be “ghosts” or spambots. This lets you study behavior in addition to the choice to buy Instagram likes and learn something about your audience.


This app is free to use and may be as effective as other apps in quickly growing your likes / users. However, it’s mostly focused on insight and analytics, not instant likes.

number five icon



Followers+ offers the option to buy Instagram likes and get followers, as well as other standard features like hot hashtags and post boosting.


The most interesting feature is the reposting option. This lets you repost the best photos from other Instagram users, which will actually benefit from their photography skills and imagination. The only rule is that you have to give credit and ask permission from the original user before reposting. Fees start at 99 cents but go up to $80 for its best features.


Some users complain that it takes a while to get all the likes as promised…but that’s actually a sign that real people are using the app and that it’s not all robotic. The reposting option is not for all tastes (many self-marketers prefer to push their own content instead of other people’s photos) but it may help you to find your own unique theme as you gradually become established.

Upleap instagram

When it comes to the tough choice on whether or not to buy Instagram likes, Upleap takes your business goals seriously. That’s why the company’s pitch is a “dedicated account manager” who will engage with people on Instagram and organically grow your likes, followers and impressions. The company says that it only deals with “real accounts and a targeted audience.”


Upleap offers a free three day trial with no credit card required. The “Lite” plan is $39 monthly, while the standard plan is $69 a month and the premium $99 a month. Compared to marketing firms, this is the most affordable option you can find.


Of course, the very “organic” approach to Instagram may mean a slower increase in likes, since real people don’t auto-like everything they see.

iconosquare dashboard

The app helps you focus on your business and the community. This means not only your competition but all the major movers and shakers of your field, namely, the influencers you want to attract.


More interaction with influencers means more likes and follows. You can sample the software for 14 days for free and then choose between $29 a month for pro services, $59 for advanced, and more custom approaches for agencies, which will be expected to pay higher rates. Very affordable, all things considered.


Iconosquare may be the most difficult app to use though it is among the better options for you in terms of how to buy Instagram likes the old fashioned way to get real fans.

rocket social

Rocket Social is a worldwide influencer marketing company that specializes in ways to buy Instagram likes, namely by reaching those influencers that will help get you noticed.


They focus not just on likes but also on engagement, hashtags, competitor targeting and brand exposure to the right people. The easy app interface and manual marketing are great advantages.


The disadvantage here is that it is a pricier option, offering packages of weekly or monthly operations, $20 a week or $40 a month. There is also a $60 a month Turbo Plan. The cheapest plan targets 800 followers a week while the Turbo plan reaches for 5000 followers a month.

rite tag app

RiteTag is a less expensive option and will help you take a DIY approach to buy Instagram likes.


It offers real time hashtag engagement and suggestions for your best pictures. It can also work perfectly in-sync with other apps like Hootsuite, Hubspot, TweetDeck, Buffer and SproutSocial.


If you’re looking to buy Instagram likes, RiteTag is pricey: It charges for various hashtag services, $12 a month for limited posts, $15 a month for ads on links, and $49 per year for suggestions.

river application

River is $99 per month which is pricey, but focuses on finding a more targeted audience.


No fake likes, the app creators claim, but organic strategy. This means that River will like photos, follow and unfollow targeted users, and interact on your behalf. This is an organic demonstration of how to buy Instagram likes and may be just what you need to get started.


The price is high and there’s no guarantees on some orders, but it’s guaranteed to use good practices and not get your account suspended.

magic liker for instagram

Magic Liker is a dedicated app that helps you buy Instagram likes via interactions. You want more likes and so the app helps you reach out to other users by viewing photos and earning stars. You can spend these “stars” to get more likes from other real people.


The advantages here to buy real Instagram likes using this service are that the app is fast, no robots are used, and you can also earn stars from watching videos or filling out offer forms. You can target 5000 followers if you’re ready to go! Magic Liker is free but with some paid options to get more followers or more “stars” to spend. This is one of the best ways to buy instant Instagram likes since user reviews do say it works quickly.


The app has mixed reviews by some users, which means they may have found difficulty getting the results they were promised when looking to buy Instagram likes.

More Info: There Are 3 General Options for Buying Likes...

buy likes on instagram

Most people are interested in buying likes to lead them down the process of making money online and monetizing their Instagram account: They’re looking to earn money from home, and use their Instagram account to pay the bills!

The first point to consider when thinking about the option to buy Instagram likes is what method of buying works for you and what tools that are connected with Instagram you’d like to use. Usually when we read about “paid likes and followers” (such as this article by they focus on paying disreputable companies and using poor marketing strategies.

Here are your options in general:

Option 1: Follow Other People First

This method involves following huge numbers of people with the hopes that they’ll follow you back, or liking their posts, in return for them liking your posts. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this technique, but if you overdo it and follow hundreds of people in a short period of time, many social media sites including Instagram will give you a temporary suspension.

Some companies will offer to mass-follow other users and will require your ID and password to take over your account for a limited time. Obviously, it would be a bad deal for you if said company got you suspended for spam following!

Option 2: Hire a “Buy Instagram Likes” Company

Another option is to work with a company that has a network of devoted followers who will highlight your posts for mass-liking and profile following. Seems like a good idea…

IF the company actually knows what they’re doing. As SproutSocial points out, buying likes is an expensive business and guaranteed results might mean some automation. Users can pay as much as $250 for 50,000 likes, or according to one quote by Forbes magazine, up to $1,800 for 20,000 new followers.

A lot of people complain about Instagram “cracking down” on spam accounts, but the truth is that unless spam abuse is taking place (such as mass following or mass liking in a very short time) Instagram probably won’t care about what’s happening on your page. Empty content and having no followers is far worse for the algorithm, so the focus should be on publishing some great photos and getting likes in whatever legal way you can get them. We have an article ready for you with some helpful hints on how to get more likes with your photos through natural, organic ways.

buying likes on instagram

Now there’s nothing wrong with relying on a network of users to share, buy Instagram likes, and interact with your posts. User networks may be made up of human users who have mutual interests and who work for a marketing company. Or it could be a network of fake accounts and spambots. The challenge is in researching the company and making sure that these likes are honestly acquired.

Why is this important? Simple, because if you don’t work with an honest company there’s no protection for you—your new followers, or even your paid-for-likes, could disappear.

Option 3: Teaming Up with Influencers

Another option would be to go buy Instagram likes organically by doing what major brands and big name influencers do: team up with another influencer and co-create a campaign. This usually does bring in a lot of likes and follows, because it’s big news. Hey, some people out there just have a natural gift for finding followers fast.  Don’t believe us? Check out the top 15 Instagram celebrities with an insane number of followers!

But it’s easier said than done for a smaller account, right? You can’t simply request to work with a big name influencer or brand because they usually only work with people who are already successful in marketing on Instagram.

Think of “teaming up with other brands” or major influencers as an intermediate-level idea, after you gain some success on your own. However, what you might do to buy Instagram likes is collaborate with another Instagram user, who has a comparable number of followers. If the both of you team up and help each other by developing content, and perhaps giving away free prizes, you might be able to “buy Instagram likes” in an indirect way, that may provide more effective.

Be sure to review our article on how to make money using Instagram for tips on monetizing your Instagram account

Conclusion: Why the Choice to Buy Likes Actually Works

how to buy likes in instagram

There is no real downside to paid marketing work, it’s what everyone does and your return on investment is the only thing that matters. There are several advantages when you decide to buy Instagram likes:

When it comes to the decision to buy Instagram likes, remember that time is money and everything costs. You don’t have to spend the money if you have the time. Not everyone has free time, however, and so budgeting for marketing and advertising is the best way to buy Instagram likes and grow your business. It’s up to you to make the best decisions and you can refer to this guide again if you need more support.

Fortunately, there are many apps and free or trial websites ready to help. Just make sure you use the ones we mentioned here to buy Instagram likes and stay away from illegitimate or spam robots that will impact your account’s status with Instagram. If you’re interested in growing your IG account more, we recommend that you check out our guide on buying followers safely and legitimately. To expand your online profile, you can also look into making money blogging and earning income with a YouTube channel.

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