Thomas Holm
Thomas Holm

Thomas Holm

Chief Editor | Income Ninjas

Thomas grew up in an old family and pursued a normal career when he started studying law. He soon realised that he didn’t want to get stuck in the corporate system and was lucky to stumble upon a way of making money online.

Tom started making money with affiliate marketing in 2013 and has built more than 50 websites across several countries. This has allowed him to travel the world and his current base is Philippines.

Today he shares his tips and tricks on how to get started making an online income. He is specifically an expert when it comes to the topics affiliate marketing, making money on websites and ads.

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Earn Extra Money

How To Earn Extra Money: 30+ Ways You Can Do

At some point, everybody experiences needing extra money. Whether it’s for pleasure, paying bills, or something else, don’t worry…you’re definitely not alone! There are many ways to find side hustles and the internet has made it easier. However, many people either don’t know exactly how to make extra money online or feel like taking a

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ways to make money online

27 ways to Make Money

Money is a big part of our society, and everybody wants it. You can do almost anything with money, but it is not always easy to earn, nor is it easy to get a job. But are there any methods or ways to earn money in a good and easy way? There actually are! These methods

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Make money as a Virtual Assistant

Avg. pay by hour $ IncomeNinjas Score: Solid way to make money at Virtual assistants help smaller companies that can’t afford to hire a fulltime secretary, or that merely needs to delegate administrative tasks from time to time. As a virtual assistant, you have flexible work hours, no commute, and you can earn up

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email marketing

Email Marketing Made Easy: Grow Your List From 0 to 100K+

In today’s day and age, everyone has gotten an email at one point or another. It’s a fast and quick way to send information, send heartfelt notes, or event reach out to a new contact. For businesses, email lists (a record of emails from people who have agreed to be contacted by the company) are

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money bible featureImage

Bible of Making Money Online

We first revealed a sneak peak preview of this info in our private 1-on-1 consultations with clients. We made a sample of this guide just to see what they’d think… Here’s what they had to say: THE BIBLE OF MAKING MONEY ONLINE DOWNLOAD “THE BIBLE OF MAKING MONEY” NOW! LIMITED TIME OFFER: 75% OFF FOR

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Blogs authored by Thomas

Ways to make money as a Home Parents

Ways for Stay at Home Parents to Make Money at Home

Being a stay at home mom or dad is a full-time job in and of itself, but unfortunately, it’s not one that you get paid for. Many stay at home parents are looking for ways to make extra money while taking care of their children, so that they can contribute to the family income. If

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ways to earn money on a website

14 Ways to Earn Money on a Website

If you’re exploring ways to make money online, you’ll often read about people making money from websites, but discovering how you actually can turn a website into a source of income can be difficult. After all, simply creating a site and hosting it on a web server won’t just bring in money. The truth is

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5 ways to earn money while you sleep

5 ways to Earn Money while you Sleep

Most of us are brought up, taught that you won’t achieve anything sleeping. But there IS actually ways for you to earn a little extra pocket money, while you’re sleeping. hereby gives you a few good tricks to increase your income without big efforts. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of legal ways to earn

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