Marco Fisher
Marco Fisher

Marco Fisher

Chief Writer for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

With a background in financial advice, and financial technology (FINTECH) Marco Fisher is our resident money geek!

Always on the lookout for new ways to earn money, save money and of course spend money, Marco discovered Cryptocurrency before it was cool.

Like many early adopters, Trading and investing in ‘corn’ (Bitcoin), and other cryptos went from being a hobby to a professional gig as the Cryptocurrency market grew year on year.

Since then, Marco shares his tips and experiences in trading and other financial wizardry through guest blogs, podcasts, and meetups. Right now, he is the chief contributor for all things trading and cryptocurrency-related on IncomeNinjas.

Featured Articles

how to buy litecoin

How to Buy Litecoin: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Litecoin’s popularity, design and purpose have many people asking how to buy Litecoin as it does have the potential to overtake Bitcoin in the near future. In this article, you’ll learn exactly what you need to get started in detail with Litecoin! An Overview of How to Buy Litecoin Litecoin is one of the top

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how to invest in bitcoin

How to Invest in Bitcoin [Guide to Making a Profit]

By now you’ve probably heard someone say “I should’ve invested in Bitcoin last year!”, or, “I’m going to learn how to invest in Bitcoin!” If you’re now interested in Bitcoin and wondering, “Is it too late to invest in bitcoin?”, the answer is no, it’s not too late! However, there are a few things to

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how to mine bitcoin

How to Mine Bitcoin [Ultimate Guide]

Do you want to know how to mine Bitcoin and what that actually means? Look no further! The methodology of Bitcoin Mining isn’t owned or centralized by any one entity so anyone who wants to dedicate computer power to it can jump in on this opportunity and learn how to mine Bitcoin! The success behind Bitcoin and digital

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How to trade cryptocurrency

How to Trade Cryptocurrency (Even if You’re a Total Beginner)

From being valued at pennies to skyrocketing to almost $20,000 with Bitcoin, learning how to trade cryptocurrency is a huge discussion today. What is cryptocurrency and why are people trading it? How can you grow your income using cryptocurrency? And, more importantly, is it hard to learn how to trade cryptocurrency? In this article, you’re

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